Martin Wildheim

Board member

Birth Year

Board member in Freemelt Holding AB since 2021

Education and background
M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. Martin has been working at Gesab engineering, CapGemini, AWApatent and Arcam and has a wide range of experience within the fields product design, physics, patents, system architecture and project management. Martin is employed at Freemelt as VP Innovation.

Previous assignments within Freemelt
Board member in Freemelt AB between 2017-2021

Other assignments
Owner and Board member in Motec Aktiebolag

Ownership of shares directly and indirectly
1,853,239 shares indirectly and 124,811 warrants

Independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders but not independent in relation to the company and senior management.

Latest update: 2021-06-22