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Freemelt is a high-tech growth company whose ground-breaking solutions create new opportunities for rapid growth in 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. The company’s protected technology, which is already installed at major companies and universities, takes 3D printing to a new level and provides new opportunities for printing products in a cost-effective way, to a consistent and high quality. By choosing an open-source solution, the conditions are created for strong growth that enables Freemelt to develop products for manufacturing markets.

Our technology
With a high energy output, combined with vacuum technology and high process temperatures, provides our technology with advantages such as increased productivity and superior material properties.

Accelerating market
We operate in an industry that is growing strongly and we believe that the potential of 3D printing is very large. Nevertheless, it is mainly unrealized and is evolving with ever-increasing areas of applications.

Open Source
We are the only manufacturer to combine open-source and open parameter settings. This combination enables materials development, which is crucial for market development in 3D printing.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of technology, the market, and customer needs. Our solutions enable our customers to create IP around their own applications.

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Q3 Interim report 2021

Q3 Interim report 2021


Q4 Interim report and Year-end report 2021

Q4 Interim report and Year-end report 2021


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Annual General Meeting

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