E-PBF Myth #2 “E-PBF manufacturing requires spherical powder”

This is the second publication in a series of short articles where we address common myths about E-PBF. We elaborate on how, and why the myths have arisen and how Freemelt’s technology and products overcome the myths.

Today we will dive into myth #2 “E-PBF manufacturing requires spherical powder”
Traditionally, spherical powder has been considered necessary for successful E-PBF (Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion) printing. This belief stems from the design of most E-PBF systems, which use “gravity-feed” type of powder containers in the powder delivery systems. Such powder containers require that the powders have good flowability. As a result of this, spherical powders with good flowability have historically been the recommended choice by most E-PBF suppliers.

Freemelt’s innovative E-PBF technology: Embracing non-spherical powders!
Freemelt is challenging the AM industry with its innovative machine design, featuring a “push-feed” powder delivery system that is independent of gravity. This design allows for the use of various types of powders, not just the traditional spherical ones, opening up for the use of cost-efficient powder and expanded supply chains.

The Freemelt materials research team has successfully utilized cost-efficient non-spherical powders to produce a variety of parts, including bulk components, thin walls, and lattice structures.

Freemelt’s unique E-PBF technology and products
With Freemelt’s technology, E-PBF becomes more versatile, allowing for intricate designs and complex geometries with the potential to revolutionize industries including defense, energy, MedTech, and beyond.

Within these segments, Freemelt aims to be perceived as a productivity partner, providing value throughout the entire product lifecycle by generating increased productivity, reducing operating costs, and maximizing long-term customer value.

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