Unlock the full potential of spot melting with Pixelmelt® Software

Welome to a new era in metal additive manufacturing. Freemelt is proud to introduce a groundbreaking software that takes your metal 3D printing to unprecedented heights. Pixelmelt® is more than just software, it’s a catalyst for innovation, offering a myriad of benefits that will redefine the way you approach spot melting in metal additive manufacturing.

Key advantages of Pixelmelt®

Less sensitive to build geometry
Pixelmelt® liberates you from the constraints of traditional printing methods. It’s designed to be less sensitive to build geometry, giving you the flexibility to create intricate and complex parts with ease.

No lateral displacing of materials
Say goodbye to issues related to material swelling. Pixelmelt® ensures that there is no lateral displacement of material, guaranteeing precise and accurate prints every time.

Improved microstructure and manipulation
Pixelmelt® offers unparalleled control over microstructure. Customize and manipulate microstructures to achieve the exact results you desire, opening up new possibilities for your projects.

Higher productivity
With Pixelmelt®, you can melt powder material in free spot patterns over a surface rather than along parallel lines, enabling the use of very high beam power. This translates to higher productivity, faster production times, and reduced project timelines.

Reduced support or even support-free builds
Pixelmelt® redefines the need for supports in your 3D prints. Enjoy the freedom to reduce or eliminate supports altogether, saving time and materials.

Better outgassing of internal porosity
Pixelmelt® enhances the outgassing of internal porosity in gas-atomized powders, ensuring that your prints are void-free and meet the highest quality standards.

Enhanced surface finish
Pixelmelt® delivers superior surface finishes, elevating the aesthetic and functional qualities of your metal 3D printed parts.

Join the revolution.

Discover the precision, control, and innovation that Pixelmelt® software brings to your metal additive manufacturing process. At Freemelt, we’re not just redefining the future of metal 3D printing; we’re putting the power to redefine it in your hands. Unleash your imagination and watch it come to life with Pixelmelt®.

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