CEO and senior executives subscribe to employee stock options

18 Aug 2023 | Regulatory

In accordance with the decision at the general meeting on May 25, 2023, Freemelt has established a long-term incentive program by issuing so-called qualified employee stock options – “Incitamentsprogram 2023/2027”. The CEO and two senior executives have subscribed to a total of 1 140 000 employee stock options. The potential dilution is 2.4%.

Daniel Gidlund CEO 500,000
Martin Granlund CFO 500,000
Lisa Törsäter Chief Marketing Officer 140,000

The number of remaining employee stock options in the incentive program that the company has the possibility to issue amounts to 1,195,661.

The Board of Directors considers an incentive program to be advantageous for the group and the company’s shareholders.

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