Freemelt in strategic collaboration with 3DMZ – Accelerating the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing for the European market

3 Jul 2024

Freemelt has entered into a strategic collaboration with 3DMZ (3D Makers Zone), aiming to accelerate the development of Additive Manufacturing as an innovative and efficient manufacturing technology for serial production of industrial applications via eMELT.

As a result of the increased commercialization efforts, Freemelt is gaining substantial interest and growing demand from European industrial companies in material process- and application development through Freemelt’s E-PBF (Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion) technology.

Industrial companies transitioning from traditional manufacturing to Additive Manufacturing (AM), experience a significant gap in competence and support for material process- and application development. This gap must be bridged to enable an efficient shift to serial production using AM technology and to transition towards a more innovative, cost-efficient, distributed and sustainable manufacturing industry.

Currently, Freemelt is experiencing significant demand for support with material process- and application development of critical tungsten components for Defense and Energy applications, industries with a high sense of urgency to establish innovative and local manufacturing to secure supply chains. To manage this increased demand Freemelt has entered into a strategic collaboration with 3DMZ, based on the AM Campus Amsterdam Metropolitan Region, Netherlands to support industrial companies in the transition to AM, aiming to accelerate the industrialization of AM. 3DMZ is a technology and innovation hub with extensive knowledge and experience in industrial AM, facilitating a wide range of AM systems. Through strategic partnerships, 3DMZ supports global industrial companies in the transition from traditional manufacturing to industrial serial production through AM. Within the collaboration, 3DMZ aims to establish a new metal field lab and invest in an eMELT-iD machine by Q4 2024.

Through this collaboration, Freemelt will be exposed to new business opportunities within the industrial segments, and with its unique technology and products play a pivotal role in driving the industrialization of AM to increase the competitiveness of the European and Dutch industries. 3DMZ and Freemelt have together arranged an innovation dinner with selected industrial companies, research institutes, and local authorities where all participants signed a letter of intent to use the new metal field lab for application development via eMELT-iD.

Freemelt CEO Daniel Gidlund comments
“As a result of our intensified commercialization efforts, we are experiencing an increased interest from European industrial companies regarding support with material process- and application development, why the collaboration with 3DMZ is critical as it will increase our capacity to meet the growing demand to support industrial customers in the transition from traditional manufacturing to AM.”

3DMZ CEO Herman van Bolhuis comments
“We are thrilled to enter this collaboration. The AM market is maturing, and the manufacturing world is in need of digital supply chain solutions. Freemelt offers the next generation of metal printers. However, there is a lot to learn and to develop at the same time. By shaping this new field lab, the AM Campus Amsterdam will offer additional technology to its scope of solutions already in place. At the same time, several industrial partners will be invited to enter the new field lab ecosystem.

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