Freemelt launches new eMELT model at Formnext in Frankfurt – Strengthens its position of solutions for large-scale industrial 3D printing

1 Nov 2023

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt launches a brand new eMELT model, eMELT-iD. The model is aimed for development of industrial applications. It enables efficient product and application development as well as preparation for mass production. The launch will take place at Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany, on 7-10 November.

The eMELT-iD industrial machine is a crucial milestone in Freemelt’s strategic plan to position itself as a productivity partner and key player that improves productivity and service to maximize customer value.

“This further strengthens our value to the customer compared to competing solutions, as we offer a complete product and service portfolio that supports industrial customers from product idea to full-scale serial production,” says Daniel Gidlund, Freemelt’s CEO and continues:

“What makes eMELT-iD exceptional is the seamless integration with eMELT-iM, enabling a smooth transition from product development to serial production.”

In contrast to the industry norm, where machines are initially developed and then scaled up for productivity, the eMELT-iD version is based on the innovative core technology for serial production from eMELT-iM.

“We have high expectations for this year’s Formnext, an important context for us to show both customers and the industry that with eMELT-iD we are further improving the conditions for large-scale metal 3D printing with electron beam technology.”

The machine is designed for efficient product and application development for customers who require shorter product development time and an efficient, seamless transfer to large-scale serial production in eMELT-iM. It is based on Freemelt’s proven open-source technology and designed for industrial application development. eMELT-iD will significantly reduce the time and cost for customers to develop new applications and products to be mass produced on a large scale via Additive Manufacturing.

“Together with our research system Freemelt ONE, eMELT-iD will be an important bridge and enablement for optimized transfer of material processes, as well as product development to initial production and later full-scale serial production in Freemelt’s eMELT-iM,” says Per Woxenius, head of product management.

Formnext is the world’s largest event in industrial 3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing. For four days Frankfurt is transformed into the capital of Additive Manufacturing gathering over 800 exhibitors and more than 30,000 visitors.

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