Freemelt strengthens competitiveness with new patent

8 Jun 2023

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt – a high-tech commercial company whose ground-breaking solution creates new conditions for rapid growth in 3D-printing – has been granted patents in China and Japan for the company’s method of point-by-point preheating of each powder layer in Freemelt’s 3D-printing process, so called Spot Preheating. The invention means that the quality is further improved in a way that was not previously possible.

This, now protected, preheating process ensures that the entire powder layer is properly prepared in a fast and uniform manner when the melting step occurs in each layer. This means higher quality and better processing stability for additive manufacturing with Freemelt’s electron beam 3D-printers.
“Freemelt’s 3D-printers are already world-leading and gaining a lot of attention worldwide. With this patent, we can deliver even better control in the manufacturing process of our machine systems. This is important when we are now broadening the business from 3D-printers focused on development to those that will be used for additive manufacturing for commercial mass production,” says Daniel Gidlund, CEO of Freemelt, and continues:
“With this patent in our portfolio, our competitiveness is further strengthened. This allows us to enable a robust and efficient manufacturing process and to achieve the highest possible quality for the commercial production of complex parts with our products.”
The patent – so-called Spot Preheating, has been approved in China with patent number CN113329833(B). The patent has recently been granted in Japan as well. Patents have also been applied for in Europe and the USA. The patent runs until 2040.

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