New Freemelt ONE order to North America

28 Dec 2022

– Further strengthening its position in the important R&D market

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt – whose groundbreaking solutions enhance the possibility for rapid growth and development in 3D printing – has taken its sixth order in the North American research market. This time it is Texas A&M University that is the client. The system will be delivered in the third quarter of 2023.

The interest in the research system Freemelt ONE is increasing in the company’s main market, North America. During 2022, Freemelt has received five orders from leading American universities supplementing the breakthrough order to an industrial customer in December 2021.

Texas A&M University will use the machine for research in high-temperature materials.

“Freemelt ONE is an important part of the rapidly growing segment of 3D printing in research and development. The order is the third in December and once again demonstrates our ability to deliver equipment that meets the highest requirements in advanced materials research. This shows that our products are very attractive for the most advanced research facilities in the world”, says Daniel Gidlund, Freemelt’s CEO.

The order includes the new ProHeat™ technology that enables 3D printing in new and advanced materials in a controlled way, even at elevated temperatures. It also includes the build preparation software Pixelmelt™.

“We are thrilled to have a Freemelt electron beam system in the lab at Texas A&M University, which is a fantastic way to conduct cutting-edge research on high-temperature materials. Developing new materials requires a robust open-access system. Stay tuned for our upcoming publications.”, says Mohsen Taheri Andani, incoming assistant professor in mechanical engineering.

Freemelt’s patent protected technology takes 3D printing to a new level and provides new conditions for printing products in a cost-effective way and to an even and high quality. Through its open-source solution, the conditions are created for strong growth that makes it possible to develop products into manufacturing markets.

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