e¯ MELT ®-iD

For your development needs!

Step into the future of metal 3D printing with eMELT®-iD. Empower your development work, accelerate your innovation, and redefine the possibilities of additive manufacturing.


For your development needs!

Open source system
By fine-tuning electron beam parameters according to your requirements, you have complete control of the printing process and will achieve the precision and quality required for your specific applications.



Unlock the full potential of your ideas. eMELT®-iD empowers you to create intellectual property with the freedom to explore new designs and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Superior electron gun
eMELT®-iD has a state-of-the-art electron gun that combines higher power with consistent beam quality. This translates to higher productivity, allowing you to accelerate your projects without compromises.

Outstanding heat management
eMELT®-iD’s advanced heat management delivers – ProHeat® indirect preheating, Pixelmelt® precision spot melting, and efficient build cooling. These features work together to significantly enhance efficiency, for you to meet demanding production schedules with ease.

Development and initial production
Experience unparalleled freedom in process design with the eMELT®-iD. This powerful tool enables you to explore complex geometry and intricate structures, bringing your vision to life.

Utilize high-resolution electron imaging and remote parameter adjustment to propel innovations and achieve high reliability. With eMELT®-iD, you can unlock your imagination, making your ideas a reality with precision and quality.


Transfer projects seamlessly to eMELT®-iM for additional capabilities and expanded possibilities. Enjoy a flawless workflow between eMELT®-iD and eMELT®-iM for a comprehensive 3D printing solution.

Keep your machines in peak status with our asset condition monitoring and maintenance features. Proactively address issues and ensure the longevity and availability of your eMELT®-iD.


Freemelt’s cutting-edge 3D printer eMELT®-iD is tailored for efficient and reliable product and application development, followed by a seamless transfer to serial production in our manufacturing printer eMELT®-iM. What sets eMELT®-iD apart from traditional 3D printers is the alignment with the principles of eMELT®-iM. This allows users to certify and qualify parts before scaling up production volumes.

Based on Freemelt’s proven open-source system and the innovative core technology for high-volume production in eMELT®-iM, eMELT®-iD is designed for industrial application development, reducing the time to market and the related cost of new applications for full-scale production via additive manufacturing.

Freemelt is your partner from idea to serial production
Freemelt takes pride in offering a comprehensive product and service portfolio that supports industrial customers from the inception of an idea to serial production. With eMELT®-iD, we provide the tools and technology to turn your vision into reality, ushering in a new era of efficiency and creativity in additive manufacturing.


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