Materials Development

3D printing in metals has been developing for quite some time but the best is yet to come. Our goal is to bring openness, transparency, and freedom to the AM industry, and we encourage our customers to try any alloy material and any powder size and shape. Many new materials for a vast range of applications will come to life with the help of our 3D printers.


Materials Development with Freemelt

Freemelt is the open source catalyst for the additive manufacturing industry, for software as well as hardware, and we invite everyone to join our openness.

Our 3D printers together with our open-source platform will accelerate this process, allowing you to develop new materials, shapes and applications the industry has yet to see. Freemelt is founded based on the idea that metal 3D Printing needs to be more open to grow faster in influence and value.

Our open-source platform lets you use your full potential to develop brand new applications. We understand the process of creating world-class research and work closely with universities, research institutes and R&D departments in large enterprises.

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Our data format lets the user select size and movement of the electron beam for melt process sequencing down to each individual time stamp. Printing definition files can be generated by simple scripts or complex AI-driven heat models. As the data format is open, it is not limited to the Freemelt ONE system. It allows for integration into heat simulation software, CAM tools or even other 3D printers.

Since you have full control, you can feel secure that melt processes you develop will not have a “best before” date. Since you have full access to the software you do not risk your IP going obsolete by changes in third party software. You have unlimited control of the process design but also what you do with the process you develop. You are free to share it with anyone as well as keeping it strictly to yourself.

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Our Freemelt ONE system is also open in a physical meaning. It is cleverly designed to be a multi-purpose R&D tool. The machine comes without an outer shell to be fully accessible, and it has many ports for attachment and integration of process monitoring equipment of your choice.

Freemelt ONE is tailored for materials research and development.

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Freemelts system

Develop new materials optimized for your application

Full control
Take full process control by means of high beam power melting and open beam path build sequencing

Open system architecture capability allows you to tailor the system to your needs

Drive down cost by developing faster processes and enable the use of a broader range of powder

Create your own IP
Total control and insight during process development allows you to create your own IP

Freedom to transfer processes to other systems


How it work

Materials Development with Freemelts System

Tests can be run with very small quantities of powder, thanks to a small build tank. The design and properties of the recoater can be modified and optimized by the user.

Our system allows you to operate the electron beam at very high beam currents whilst maintaining a well-focused beam spot. This is essential to reach high build rates as well as extremely high build temperatures.


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