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We are not happy unless you are happy. Your success is our success! When you purchase a system from us, our journey together begins.

The value

Develop new materials optimized for your application

Take full process control by means of high beam power melting and open beam path build sequencing

Open system architecture capability allows you to tailor the system to your needs

Drive down cost by developing faster processes and enable the use of a broader range of powder

Take advantage of knowledge and data shared in an open community

Total control and insight during process development allows you to create your own IP

Are you representing a university, or a commercial company?

Getting started: process for universities

Research providers are important for us. You are the best ambassadors for our technology! We listen to your needs and help you reach your research goals. That is the best way for us to show the potential in our technology.


Talk with us about your visions for developing new knowledge. We understand the process of creating world class research.


Work with our software tools and our online training package even before your system is installed in your lab.


Our on-site training during installation is the start of your journey to becoming an experienced 3D metal material developer.


Our service team support you during your first projects and beyond.

Getting started: process for commercial

Many products have improvement potential if made in new materials. Freemelt ONE is the starting point for product material upgrades. Our technology enables fast iterations to establish the important fundamentals in your product development cycle.


Let us know what you want to achieve with your future products and how a new material can be the enabler for reaching those targets.


Come to us and get acquainted with our technology and experience Freemelt ONE before any decisions on your development path.


Our on-site training package will ensure that your team is well prepared for the material R&D work that your organisation need.


We offer a service and support agreement that will ensure that you follow your course in developing new materials.

Experience the power of the One

Truly open source software and hardware

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